How to Beauty Your Home with A Royal Touch of Diwan Set

Have you all decorated your living space with usual sofas? If a chance is given to you, you would surely like to bring some changes to living room setup. So, you may easily create a refreshing look to the space by spending money on owning royal diwan set and decorate it with diwan set covers from online store in India from Saavra.


Creating Refreshing Look

The collection at Saavra would help present a look that reflects the timeless beauty of imperial era. The royal patterns of flowers and motifs would create an eye pleasing effect to the interiors. They present a refreshing look to the furniture whenever you see them as they stay fresh and evergreen in memory with their pretty and trendy looks.


The Saavra collection covers both bold and intricate mix of patterns. While bold pattern like flowers, crests, arabesques, paisley and damask create a royal and vintage look, the intricate patterns like Scaly, Aztec, stripes, polka and waves create a dazzling fusion look that would definitely add an element of surprise to interior setup.

Similarly as pattern is diverse in nature, the use of colors is equally variant. The vibrant shades like red, orange, yellow, green and blue often considered as Indian shades help present a lively and grand look to the interiors. The collection also includes shades like brown, black, beige and silver that engage a rich and classy look to the sitting arrangement.

Beauty of Handcrafted Linens

The collection is transformed from design to planning and execution under the craft of local artisans. Their years of experience are translated beautifully across linens. This reflects a fine and indigenous look to the royal arrangement.

Overall Feel

The refreshing and timeless beauty of imperial era is best achieved with a buy of diwan set from online store of Saavra.


Give Your Room a Fusion Touch by Printed Diwan Linens

Well, if you feel a fusion is just about blurring the lines between modern and ethnic theme décor, then it’s not absolute, one can experiment a lot with patterns, colors and the way you plan to style them. Fusion is all about experimenting with looks and styles that have established its mark and created strong impressions in the minds of young generations. Fusion is a key to present something unique and innovative, an out of box idea that is rational and practical to implement.

buy diwan sets online

Buy diwan set covers online at Saavra to present that unique and innovative stylish look to entire furnishing set. The set comprises of sheet, cushions and bolster covers. They are printed in delectable mix of both bold and soft patterns, bright and soft hues and last ethnic and innovative styles.

If you desire to create a grand, lavish and royal look to your drawing room, then invest in linens that incorporate bold patterns. The impressive patterns in geometric shapes creating a rhythmic and uniform look inked in soft hues of blues and reds would grab your attention instantly with their charming and endearing presence. Similar are the presence of floral, crests, damask weaves and motif insertions.

The soft patterns induce creative and pictorial art, stripes, waves and intricate motif designs. Designs are colored in both lively and soft tones.  Patterns with bright and vivacious mix of colors like red, oranges, greens, yellow and purples would set the tone for youthful look to your linens. The soft designs would create a synchronized and classy look to drawing room.

The majority of diwan bed sheet online shopping at Saavra encompasses traditional and ethnic art works as a reflection of its values and creative art of Jaipur where it precedes. It also includes designs like Scaly, Aztec that are trendy and innovative.

Bring Diwan Sets For Adding Royal Appeal To Your Living Space

Diwan was one of the most important pieces of furniture during the time of kings and queens.  This is the reason why diwan sets are considered the representative of imperialism. If you want to follow this royal attitude then bring stunning diwan sets from the house of saavra and drape it on your diwan.

buy diwan sets onlineTo continue your excitement buy diwan set covers online India from which is no less than the handicrafts which exhibit the wonders of Rajputana work of art. The prints and patterns you find on these diwan sets are artistically and intricately designed whether the design is motif, paisley or folk prints, all are designed to perfection. The beauty of such art work which is spread on diwan sheets, bolster covers, cushion covers etc. will surely make everyone to feel respected.

Buy diwan sets online India from and showcase the reality with a comfy outlook.  The bright and lively colors of the diwan set will boost the overall charm of the atmosphere.

After dressing up your diwan with these artful collections you will surely feel yourself on cloud nine. The unique royal look will create a luxury impression in the minds of your guests and determine your living standard too. Apart from the royal look, these diwan sets have a soft and smooth texture. Moreover, they are strong and durable as it is made with premium grade of cotton.

You will feel the same texture of prints and qualities after a year of use. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and prints to give your home the perfect appearance. Place an order at the website of and bring a beautiful change in your place with perfect appealing diwan sets.

Feel the Pride of Owing Decorative Diwan Set

Diwans are counted in luxury furniture as they give a posh and luxury look to your living space. So reveal the real value of diwan as it mostly gets hidden and unnoticed due to old styles of covers you use. Stop keeping them hidden and let the beauty emerge with the new collection of diwan sets.

buy diwan sets onlineBuy diwan set online from saavra and decorate your living space in style. You will see an instant change in the look of your diwan and the surrounding will be filled with a great ambience as you cover your diwan with fabulous sheets. The rough areas and the damaged parts of the diwan will get hidden by the sheets and leave the diwan with a flawless look.

You need not buy any additional furniture when you have diwan in your home. A single diwan set will alone give the feel of a palace. With a wide range of diwan sets are available in the market but the extraordinary print, pattern, and design are only available at the online portal of Saavra. You can decorate your home with an ethnic touch of culture or with Jaipuri prints. Classy prints with simple colors are also available at the website.

The diwan set comprises of sheets, cushion covers, bolster covers and floor cushion covers which will give a rich traditional look to your entire room. The one which can bring the look of luxury and royalty in your home décor is none other than diwan set.

Apart from the stylish look, the diwan bed sheet has a feature of soft and smooth texture as it is made with premium grade of cotton. You can buy cotton diwan linen online and create a seat for comfort. If you want to fall in love again and again with your diwan then visit the website of and place an order according to your choice.

Remove Stubborn Stains from Diwan Linen in 7 easy Steps

The yellowing of sheets is unfortunately an inevitable process that begins to take place with regular use. It generally happens when body oils or sweat penetrates deeply into the fabric. The condition of the sheets become even worse when you way of washing linens is not appropriate. Lot of guests would come and being a perfect host you will have to greet and treat them properly, even if it means staining your expensive diwan sheets.

diwan set covers online India

The good news is that I have come up with a right method that will help you to remove oil stains and body odor from your favorite linens. Apart from your efficient washing machine and dryer, you will need your usual detergent and handful of few natural agents to brighten up your dull diwan sets.

Steps to clean the sheets:

  • Before you put your sheets into the washer, spray a solution on the stains and other affected areas. Make a solution by mixing water and vinegar. This pre-treatment will begin to work on the stains even before the wash.
  • Now load your washing machine as you normally do by mixing your regular detergent. You do not need a strong detergent, even a mild one can be highly effective if it`s of good quality.
  • Use warm water and soak your sheets in it for 30 minutes. Soaking you linens is important as it helps to remove the body odor and oil stains by breaking the molecules.
  • Continue just like you usually do after your sheets are soaked for appropriate time. Make sure that you wash your linens in hot water because it can easily remove stain as compared to cold water.
  • If the oil stains are still left, then apply a large amount of baking soda to cover the whole stain and let it settle down for 15 minutes. If clumps appear, repeat the process until it disappears.
  • Scrape the baking soda with the help of a toothbrush. Rub it and then wash it again. This will lighten the stain without damaging the fibers of your linens.
  • Dry your linens in the natural air and avoid using dryer.

If your linens have become completely worn out then you can buy diwan set covers online India. To keep these linens like new, you must follow the above mentioned instructions. You can find various designer diwan bed sheets online to have amazing shopping experience.  

3 Types Of Different Diwan Sheets For Your Living Room

We Indians have great way of making our guests comfortable. From modern style of couches to our very own luxurious Indian diwans, we have seen it all. Indian homes mostly have diwans place at one corner of the room apart from the couch because they look versatile. During the day, they offer comfortable seating for lounging or a daytime nap.

diwan set covers online india

They considered an inseparable part of traditional furniture and therefore they are very common in palaces. But not just in old forts and royal palaces, you can also found them in apartments as they are the modern definition of luxury. You can make your diwan beds look beautiful with diwan set covers that are available online in India. There are different kinds of sheets which you can pick according to your walls and theme of your room interiors.

Geometrical Pattern

If you desire to have interiors that is full of bursting with colors, adding sheets, in splendid hues will do the trick to uplift your living room to an all new level. Symmetry and geometry have an eccentric way of fabulously fitting inside a room. Aztecs, checks, circles and stripes, the list is never ending and you can have almost ceaseless choices to decorate your room with.


Look around your room. What do you see? If you see too many prints and colors, then you can opt for sheets in plain and block colors. You can pick something in black and white print which will give you an uber cool, sophisticated and fantastically decorated room. If you love the vintage, this one color combination is just for you.

Floral Inspiration

For those who love to infuse some freshness, these prints will fulfill their desire. Floral prints and motifs come in multiple colors and bring you close to the nature. They emancipate a natural feel that gives a room a very serene and natural appeal. To create an ethereal feeling to your room, pick a sheet in floral pattern.

Create something unique and exceptional with diwan sets. Buy diwan sets online in vibrant shades and give your guests something incredible to look at!