3 Essential Things to Remember Before Buying a Table Linen

We all know that table linens add a look of charm and delicacy to the dining table and give a classy look. It is a great way to dress-up the table and keep the surface clean and attractive. These will add some great interest to the dining space while you eat your food.

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So here are the guidelines to follow before bringing a table linen at your home-

Soft fabric – Always try to go for soft fabric such as premium grade of cotton as it will offer a soft touch to your hand whenever you place it on the table. The fabric is made from high-quality cotton, therefore, it will not get damaged when in contact with hotpots. The soft feel of the linen ensures a comfortable experience for the diners.

Color choice – Choose color according to the theme of your decor so that it will produce a stunning effect in the dining space. Try to choose a lively color such as green, yellow, blue etc. which will bring a lively look to your dinette and make your space more inviting.

Focus on design – Always try to choose sophisticated designs which will imbibe an elegant and tranquil ambience in your dining space. So opt for the printed table linenswhich come in numerous designs and pick the one that enhances your table tops.

If you really want to enlighten up your mood and your guests’ then combine the accessories of table linen such as table mats, runner and napkins which will create a magnificent look on your tabletop. Apart from look and style it hides the rough and scratched part of the table which will help you maintain your living standard. If you want to see this beautiful décor at your home then buy dining table cover online India from saavra.com


How to give a Classy Look to Tables?

We all have problems decorating tables. Sometimes the colors are imperfect, sometimes there is no coordination among table linen and generally, it doesn’t turn out the way you desire. This is not a big problem when you are dining with your family but when guests and friends come for a visit; this is the time you hesitate.

buy table linens online IndiaThe solution to this problem is bright and attractive table linens. Dress your tables with the exclusive table linen from saavra.com and transform your fabulous dining space. They are designed with excellent colors, themes, and prints from which you can choose to give your tables a particular look.

Table tops are meant to offer a classy appearance, which you can attain with the help of elegant printed table linens. You can choose linens with classy prints and colors to highlight your space. Linens printed with rich designs, floral prints and traditional motifs can bring a regal and sophisticated look to your space. The table covers may look classy and chic but just this is not enough. You need to enhance your table with a complete table linen set including table mats, runners, napkins and many more things.

First of all, choose a table cover that looks classy and offers a luxurious appeal and try to merge the prints and colors with your home décor. Give a seamless cover to your table with these linens. Place a table runner in the center along the length of the table. This will give a look of class to your table. You can now place matching placemats and napkins according to the seating arrangement. By placing crystal bowls and attractive candle holders on the table, you can certainly transform the look of your entire dining space.

If you have the desire to create a dining space that imparts a look of class and luxury, buy table linens online in India from saavra.com. They have the biggest and exclusive collection of table linens from which you can choose to get the best appealing look.

Spring decoration!! Bring on the Color and Texture

Spring is the season for decorating your home with luxurious textures and vibrant colors. You can also bring a change in your space with attractive printed table linens. Spring brings new life and a renewed spirit along with blooming flowers and fresh air. Bring the essence of spring in your dining space and experience the feeling of total bliss with attractive table linens.

dining table cloth onlineDecorate your table tops with a beautiful theme of flowers and this will bring a feeling of spring. Choose floral patterns that are bright and colorful for a fresh and lively appearance.  You can choose a table linen that looks timeless so that you can use them every year. Use silverware, dishes to match with the pleasant colors.

You can enhance the look of table cover by placing matching table runners, napkins, placemats and other table accessories. They will give an energetic and sophisticated look to your interiors. If you want to give a rich and luxurious look and create a theme of spring, place a designer vase with a flower that harmonizes with the colors of the linen. You can also place decorative napkin holders and candle holders to create a fabulous dining table. If you want to give a classy look, you can choose floral prints in simple colors.

Dress your table for spring and experience luxurious dining right at your home. The bright colorful flowers, the excellent texture and the essence of spring in these table linens will certainly make your tables emerge with style and elegance. Get this dining table cloth online by shopping from saavra.com and enjoy.

The excellent designs and the vibrant colors will certainly leave your guest spellbound. You try your own tips and tricks on these table linens to make it look more attractive. You will find every food delicious and flavorful when you are eating on these table covers.

Dress Your Tables for a Party Theme

Smooth drinks, energetic ambience and yummy food are the basic party theme but there are more things you can do if you are organizing a party at home. During a party, most people are into drinks and food, therefore, an attractive looking table is a necessity in every party. Your well-decorated table can make your food look delicious, offer an inviting look to your guest and improves the standard of your home.

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People want to see something new therefore you should choose to give your table unique and fashionable look. Modern table linens are more preferable as they have a rich and lively look. You can also mix up the linens with a slight coordination in color to give a sophisticated look.

Select vibrant colors for your table as it brings an energetic feeling at every right. You can even add balloons to your setting to enhance the vividness.

You can theme your tables with matching mats, dinner napkins and runners to give a rich and fabulous look. By placing crystal or silver dishes and crockery you will certainly give a sparkling look to your dining space. You will never have to see any kind of dullness on your tables when you decorate your tables with a modern concept of table linens.

You can buy the best party themes table linen online India from saavra.com. You can choose from wide range of designs and colors according to the type of theme you want to display. These table linens are made from the best quality fabric and can be washed without any risk of color fades. Avail dining table cloth online by shopping from Saavra at unbelievable prices and organize the perfect party at home.