Saavra, The Best Place To Find Designer Curtains

If you desire to drape your windows and doors with designer curtains then here is your guideline to buy a perfect pair for your windows.

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Prints – The prints are endowed with a refreshing set of patterns that would surely grab your attention. The new collection boasts of lively, subtle and serene patterns that would transform the look of your room. These curtains are made create a rich essence with their urban-ethnic prints.

Colors- The royal and grand look is best put to display with prints in a mix of lively as well serene color combinations. For a classy and sophisticated ambiance, go in for prints in sober shades. Each and every color is applied to create a captivating look that will give a sophisticated look to your space.

Light- Curtains help you to strike a balanced atmosphere as it controls the amount of light entering the room. In summers, it absorbs the intense sun rays to let the bearable amount of light and heat inside your home. You can maintain a pleasant ambience with these functional curtains.

Noise Insulator– Your Sunday morning will remain peaceful and give you a sound sleep as the curtains also absorb some of the noise and don’t let the external noises spoil your sleep. All you need to do before sleeping is slide the curtain so it entirely covers the window panel and doors well.

Fabrics- Select designer door curtains which are endowed with the goodness of natural fabrics. Devoid of chemicals, it is light in weight and gives a frilly look when you install them. These curtains also allow air to pass freely through the fabric, circulating the air inside your room. As the cotton fabric is easy to wash and ensures a long term service, most of the curtains are made from cotton.

Easy Installation– Readymade eyelets are easy to insert and are available in varied styles which you can attach to your drapes. The eyelets also make sliding the curtains very easy.

The beautiful curtains online at Saavra present you an opportunity to dress your window panels and doors in quality linens.


How To Avoid Making Mistakes While Decorating Home

While choosing a color scheme for our home, be it wall paints or the color scheme for the curtains, we tend to go overboard sometimes. At many occasions we go either too bold or go underplay with our home décor. But the key to perfection lies in making mistakes and learning from them.

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So if you are one of those who are still scratching their head and could not make up their mind if they should go white or bright, then here is the way through which you can pick or learn how to pick the bed linen, curtains or cushion covers like a pro.

  • You have a bed in your room. You want to make it a focal point. Then the simplest technique is to pick colors that are more on the softer side. Instead of choosing the exact tangerine shade that your wall is proudly reflecting, you must pick some neutral shade that will give your eyes a place to rest.
  • If you feel that you would like to tone down your interiors, then we are glad to tell you that neutral shades like gray, white and beige come in many shades and tones. You can use sample colors to pick your favorite color in beige to give your home an elegant appeal.
  • Choose no more than three to four colors that attract your fancy. Pick one shade that goes well with the entire surroundings and combine it with the shade which is visibly dominant.
  • Bold and bright colors look good, but they come out too strong for some interiors. A spacious and sunny room can handle Kelly green or bright yellow, but most of the interiors need shades that can blend and do not stand out like a sore thumb. Pick shades that will always disguise the flaws and accent what you love.

Colorful interiors make people feel good and also look fabulous. You can rightfully choose shades that will complement your entire area to get rid of boring and plain home décor.