Greet Visitors in an Inviting Aura of Royal Diwan Linens

It’s not that every day that relative come knocking the doors of your home, well its quiet occasional to say the least. Greeting them warmly is the hospitality culture that is quiet prevalent in our tradition and beliefs.

diwan set covers online shoppingWell, the first step in the direction is to let the relative feel the comfort of the luxurious sitting arrangement. The diwan furniture lets the guest feel the royal charisma of the Mughal chamber with its rich and alluring set of linens.

Print & colors

Printed in exquisite set of ethnic patterns and splash in colors of vibrant Indian shades, these diwan set covers from online shopping from Saavra makes for a desirable investment. The bold patterns like arabesque, florals, vectors, paisley, crests and the damask weave in hand or block print by experienced artisans would instantly draw the glance of the viewer with its majestic look. As bold and colorful patterns is inked in pestle backdrops, the gorgeous linens would create a beautiful contrasting look that expresses a unique look from each angle and corner one view the magnificent furniture’s in.


Well, the design of the diwan and linen is a bit different from those available in the market. The absence of the handset and the forehead provides one ample amount of space to rest in, whatever position one may like resting in. The double stitched cotton fabrics ensure fine texture and great soothing experience to skin when you sit on them.

One may place them to the corners of the room or even at centers. So for owning this regal décor, you may buy diwan linen online from Saavra and make its presence spreading majestic ambiance. A number of people could sit on the diwan linens where occupying least amount of space for people is to move freely across the space.


Feel the Pride of Owing Decorative Diwan Set

Diwans are counted in luxury furniture as they give a posh and luxury look to your living space. So reveal the real value of diwan as it mostly gets hidden and unnoticed due to old styles of covers you use. Stop keeping them hidden and let the beauty emerge with the new collection of diwan sets.

buy diwan sets onlineBuy diwan set online from saavra and decorate your living space in style. You will see an instant change in the look of your diwan and the surrounding will be filled with a great ambience as you cover your diwan with fabulous sheets. The rough areas and the damaged parts of the diwan will get hidden by the sheets and leave the diwan with a flawless look.

You need not buy any additional furniture when you have diwan in your home. A single diwan set will alone give the feel of a palace. With a wide range of diwan sets are available in the market but the extraordinary print, pattern, and design are only available at the online portal of Saavra. You can decorate your home with an ethnic touch of culture or with Jaipuri prints. Classy prints with simple colors are also available at the website.

The diwan set comprises of sheets, cushion covers, bolster covers and floor cushion covers which will give a rich traditional look to your entire room. The one which can bring the look of luxury and royalty in your home décor is none other than diwan set.

Apart from the stylish look, the diwan bed sheet has a feature of soft and smooth texture as it is made with premium grade of cotton. You can buy cotton diwan linen online and create a seat for comfort. If you want to fall in love again and again with your diwan then visit the website of and place an order according to your choice.

3 Types Of Different Diwan Sheets For Your Living Room

We Indians have great way of making our guests comfortable. From modern style of couches to our very own luxurious Indian diwans, we have seen it all. Indian homes mostly have diwans place at one corner of the room apart from the couch because they look versatile. During the day, they offer comfortable seating for lounging or a daytime nap.

diwan set covers online india

They considered an inseparable part of traditional furniture and therefore they are very common in palaces. But not just in old forts and royal palaces, you can also found them in apartments as they are the modern definition of luxury. You can make your diwan beds look beautiful with diwan set covers that are available online in India. There are different kinds of sheets which you can pick according to your walls and theme of your room interiors.

Geometrical Pattern

If you desire to have interiors that is full of bursting with colors, adding sheets, in splendid hues will do the trick to uplift your living room to an all new level. Symmetry and geometry have an eccentric way of fabulously fitting inside a room. Aztecs, checks, circles and stripes, the list is never ending and you can have almost ceaseless choices to decorate your room with.


Look around your room. What do you see? If you see too many prints and colors, then you can opt for sheets in plain and block colors. You can pick something in black and white print which will give you an uber cool, sophisticated and fantastically decorated room. If you love the vintage, this one color combination is just for you.

Floral Inspiration

For those who love to infuse some freshness, these prints will fulfill their desire. Floral prints and motifs come in multiple colors and bring you close to the nature. They emancipate a natural feel that gives a room a very serene and natural appeal. To create an ethereal feeling to your room, pick a sheet in floral pattern.

Create something unique and exceptional with diwan sets. Buy diwan sets online in vibrant shades and give your guests something incredible to look at!