Spice Up your Dinette Experience with New Table Covers

Entice your guests with a new set of table linens. The entire set of table linens comprises of table covers, runners, napkins, and mats which are all designed in a particular theme to give a picture perfect look to your tabletops. Decorate your table in a delectable mix of linens that would spice up your buffet and fill your heart with adorable memories.

dining table cover

The fresh collection of printed table linens from Saavra would surely engross you in its beauty. It is a collaboration of both soft tone and patterned elegant printed linens and as well vibrant designer ensemble. It includes a variety of patterns and colors that is sure to bring an exquisite change in your decor. At Saavra, ethnic theme table linens are most popular. The new collection of table linens is also designed to play the role of a traditional decor. Be it arabesque, tribal patterns, intricate soft patterns, cultural themes, damask weaves, exotic Jaipuri prints or bold motifs, they all have the characteristic look to give a royal touch to your space.

Place the cover on the table so that it encrusts every portion of the tabletop. The rich prints would create a beautiful setting that would help you hold your head with pride in presence of your guests. Well, it just the beginning, the runners which are usually placed to protect your cover from curry stains or rice granule, further add style and beauty to your ensemble. You can place the napkins in creative folds to add some sophistication to your space. Mats play a crucial role in giving a delicious look of the food on the table. These table covers and accessories together will give you a dining experience like never before.

Your guest will certainly remember the time when they had a wonderful time on your dining table. Get this dining table cloth online by shopping from saavra.com and keep your table ready for every occasion.

Spice Up Your Dinner Time with Designer Table Linens

Food is indeed one of the greatest things that we all enjoy. From man to animals, we all are dependent on food for our existence. Dining table is the best place to enjoy deliciously cooked meals with family members. After all dining table serves the purpose of bringing all the family members together to have meals. A beautifully organized dining desk can evoke the appetite and curiosity of what coming next. It is a place where conversation begins and continuous to flow. Expensive dinner wares, delectable cuisines and mouth watering dishes can surely look inviting but an unattractive table linen can reduce their awesomeness.

dining table

Almost everyone notices the covering you have draped your dining surface with, no matter how much painstaking details you have given to everything other than linen. They not only make your regular meals more interesting but also make your celebrations more special. They are the backbone for every event. They are the most essential accessory when it comes to decorating your lounge. A matching table linen that blends with interiors can steal the show making it completely successful. They can be used perfectly to conceal the rusty look of your furniture giving it an aesthetic appeal.

You can find million of options if you explore the world of web. You can also buy dining table cover online. They are available in plenty of shapes, colors and designs. You can do a good and detailed research before finalizing one. No matter of what size, shape and type of dining desk you have, there is one ideal tablecloth to grace it. They add spice to daily life and can glam up any event like parties, weddings, family dinners or casual tea parties.

They are available in many fabrics which you can pick by keeping the nature of the even in account. Fabrics like cotton, satin and polyester are the most popular one nowadays. You can find designer table covers online at he discounted prices. They can be used in casual event as well as they can glamorize a formal event. Bring home a beautiful tablecloth for your home to make your social gatherings more engaging and interesting.

3 Types of Tablecloth to make your Supper Enjoyable

Whether you are taking care of a big event, birthday party or a formal occasion there are many elements that must be fused together to make it a successful one. A tablecloth plays a huge part when it comes to decorating your dining place. There are plenty of fabrics available in the market in which these tablecloths are manufactured. Every fabric makes an occasion more special. Check out the different fabrics that are popular among the large masses.


1. Cotton- Perhaps one of the most popular fabric, cotton is everyone`s favorite. A cotton tablecloth comes in casual prints like floral prints, geometric lines, stripes and a lot more. They are easy to maintain and is very durable in terms of usage. You can wash them every day as they have high endurance power.

2. Satin- If you have a formal occasion coming up, satin is the fabric you must pick. Satin can always add a touch of elegance to the overall ambience, making your dinner parties all the more special. Made from the silk, this fabric carries an unmatched sheen and luster that can make any dinner table sophisticated. It is delicate in nature and requires special attention when it comes to washing and taking care.

3. Polyester- This one is made from cotton and synthetic fibers. It is as much durable as cotton and come in offbeat designs. It is a chemically made fiber and with intricate weaving pattern, receives its texture. They also come in various prints and patterns, just like cotton. They look best for casual birthday parties, get-together and at tea parties. You can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove the stains.

When choosing a table linen always keeps the occasion in mind and your requirements. If you purchasing it for daily use, you must pick something in dark shade as it will conceal the stains and will not get dirty quickly. While purchasing make sure the hemline and stitches are even, and that the coloration is solid. You can also place napkins to accentuate the surrounding and to make the whole set-up all the more attractive.