Bring Home Designer Curtains to Present a Royal Look to Interiors

Interior designing is all about decorating our dream world that is our homes. Observing a huge growth, government has invested in the sector so the student are attracted to the stream and channelizes the market to incur development in the creative field to new heights.


Apart from the encouragement of the government and private academic institutions, the brands engaging in supply and customizing home décor products guide the homemakers on how to fuse patterns, colors and themes in correlation to form an attractive look to the interiors.

Saavra is one of the most established names in the field of home décor sector that provides its loyal customers access to most traditional and royal collection of interior decorative ensembles. The interior décor ensemble collection basically comprises of bed linens, diwan linens, curtains and table cover linens printed in themes of ethnicity.


Having origins in Rajasthan, the designer linens evoke a royal, majestic and luxurious look. The blend of all these attributes would instantly take one into the world of Mughal era with use of its traditional patterns and colors.

Pattern & Colors

To present your idle looking window panes and wall arches a stylish look, you may buy beautiful curtains from online portal of Saavra. Present in both bold and intricate as well bright and light tone hues, the drapes create a powerful impact in the minds of the visitors who give a thorough glance to their amazing textures, engaging prints and rich colors. A perfect combination of all these essentials forms an inviting look to the room.

Weaved cotton fabrics, the hand woven designer door curtain would add a fine touch and a soothing texture to the linens to present an opulent appearance to the dining room space.


Make Your Interiors Enliven by Fusion Dining Room Curtains

Nowadays, it is the young homemakers who take the plunge to decorate their dream home in way that reflect their personality and innovative intrinsic sensibility. Buy ethnic curtains online India online at Saavra to create that innovative look that help you carve out a niche appearance for your home interiors.

ethnic curtains online india

In a mood for an experimentation and don’t want to restrict self to just traditional or contemporary themes, they often pick a middle path that is fusion. Fusion helps blurs the boundaries of the set parameters and create a setup that involves innovation, a desire to create something new.

The combination of ethnic patterns and classy color combinations would envisage a youthful elegance to interiors of your dream world. While the bold patterns of curtains create a lavish and grand look to your drawing room the softer tones of red, blue, yellow and green and as well pastel shades of silver, gold, peach and beige would create that perfect balance to strike a unique, blissful and visual treat to your windows and doors.

The designer door curtains at Saavra are print in delectable arabesque, engaging tribal, trendy waves, stripes, floral, leaves, crest, paisley and motif patterns that would create an impactful impression on their vision and memories of your guest that they won’t stop praising you for an apt selection.  The soft tones and the serene shades would create an ambiance that would add dose of charm and glitter to your occasion.

It would muster confidence to host casual kitty parties or formal business meetings with an enthralling combination of bold patterns and subtle shades. The attractive intense shade of hemline border would further enhance the beauty of the linens.

The readymade eyelets make it easy to install. An attractive treatment style ensures your curtain a graceful and voluminous fall.

How to Display Windows in a Resort?

Want to give the best look to your sea resort? The look of your resort depends on the curtains you hang on your windows as the first thing your guest will see is the impression of your windows. If you want your guest to feel like they are on a holiday, dress your windows in bright and exciting colors and enticing prints. The beautiful colors and lively prints will certainly attract your guests towards your resort.

designer door curtainsYou can contrast the plain whites of the bed lines with chic and trendy zig and zag printed curtains, or you can experiment with tribal and floral prints. You can mix and match the curtains with other hotel accessories like pillow and cushion covers to uplift the spirit of your guests.

Also, you can try giving a classy and luxurious look to the rooms with simple colors and classy prints. Add equally attractive scallop and cornice curtain valance to spice up the décor of rooms. Give your guest a fabulous treat with these curtains in terms of beauty and comfort. Best living room curtain will certainly add some energy to your guests’ vacation.

If you own a resort in a different terrain like in the mountains of Himalayans or in the hilly regions, your décor is set to be a bit traditional as people also come to experience the culture along with the pleasant scenery. You can decorate the windows with urban ethnic themes or tribal prints. You can give a deluxe look to the rooms by hanging royal and elegant looking curtains. These curtains will certainly create a rich aura inside the room.

These curtains have pre-made eyelets made in them which make them easier to hang. You can find curtains for everyroom and for every theme of the resort.Buy beautiful curtains online from and visually urge your guests to stay at your resort.

Get A Picture Perfect Look With Curtains

Take out your old curtains as best window curtains are online in India at Saavra. It will bring a fabulous change in your living space as it is designed with classy prints and elegant color fusions.

tribal turquoise curtains

They have elegant ethnic prints that come in a combination of designs such as classical, folk, arabesque and tribal patterns which you can use according to the concept of your home.

The curtains are also printed with intricate shapes and matching color schemes to attain an artistic abstract design. It also comes in horizontal and vertical prints with eternal color fusion reflecting simplicity in lifestyle. You can dress your doors and windows with a lot of designs that define beauty and sophistication.

If you want a window treatment that provides privacy as well as proximity to your bedroom then you need to buy designer door curtains online in India, available at Explore the various options and give your home a beautiful makeover that will perk up your living standards.

Choose the right texture quality that falls seamlessly and creates perfect wavy formations. Make use of high-quality rods and brackets that complement your curtains. Cotton fabrics are more preferred for curtains as they offer a flawless look.

To soften and filter the incoming light, choose dark shades of color which will produce a wonderful shady effect on your interiors. With these curtains, you can also create a calm and cool ambiance in your living space with bright colors and pleasant themes, which is perfect for summers.

So, to give a perfect picture look to your living space you need to drape your doors and windows with soft, attractive and flawless curtains. If you are looking for a change in the look of your home, explore the website of for perfect and elegant curtains.


Curtains, blinds or drapes: Which one Should You choose?

There must be so many people who are struggling right now to understand the basic difference between the different types of curtains. Some are confused about their usage, some are confused if they serve the same purpose and in the same way. Well yes, we are talking here about drapes, shutters and blinds that have confused our discerning customers.

curtains online

When it comes to accessorizing windows, there are so many techniques and choices. From shutters to blinds, one can invest in anything and can add a layer of opulence to room interiors. So whether you have one tricky window with a bad view or beautiful sashes, you can choose one out of plenty of options that will give you a relief from irritating peeping neighbors. Today we are going to unearth the difference between shutters, blinds and curtains, to clear out the confusion for once and all.

Curtains- Hanging curtain is an age old concept. You can find them in every household. They are used in kitchen, living room, bed room and even bathroom. You can find designer door curtains or shower curtains online.  You can hang them from a curtain rod and they will accent your room interior perfectly. They are an integral part of our home décor as they create ambience along with blocking excessive sunlight to get inside the room. They also protect furniture from fading. They come in various prints and designs to suit your needs.

Blinds- Blinds are a great way to block the sunlight form coming in. it does not block the view and allows you to see outside. They are made of wood, aluminium, plastic and fabric. By just pulling a single chord, you can bring them down or draw them open. They give a formal appeal and are best preferred for workplace.

Drapes- These are similar to curtains but they are made from a heavier weight fabric. They generally hang from the window and touch the floor with puddles. They block the light and insulate the room when the draperies are lined. You can use them as decorative accents. They are also made of translucent material which is light weight and create a layered look.  To highlight the decorative facet of your room you can also add valance or swags which are a curved bundle of light fabric. Now you can choose the option that will fit inside your interior in the best way as various beautiful curtains are available online.

How to Match your Curtains with Existing Home Décor

Curtains can have both positive as well as negative impact on the room. Your room can feel and clumsy with the wrong curtains. Inappropriate curtains can make the whole interiors look outdated, while a carefully chosen curtain can lift the entire room. These days there are plenty of possible styles that can cater the needs of every home maker. Whether it is a hypermodern home owner or the nostalgic designer, here are few suggestions that can help you to match your curtains with your interiors.

curtains online

  • We all live in small spaces and apartments. As not all of us are blessed like celebrities to lead an elite life in a penthouse, you can make your homely abode look bigger and wider with the help of curtains. Hang up a curtain that is a bit longer than the window opening.
  • Hang up the curtains a bit high from the window pane to make your room look taller. Also pick curtains that will graze the floor, as that will create an illusion of a larger room.
  • Fabric which is robust and have more texture can also play a huge role in the end results. Fabrics like silk and velour can create versatile pleats. If you are looking for a classic style, these fabrics can be your best bet. They are ideal to create vintage style of drama I your living place.
  • Choose neutral colors for your curtains if you have too many colors in your room already. Also always choose a pattern carefully. Your veils should help you to pull an entire look together and not be the focal point. Feel free to take the color swatches to the store to get the curtains in exact color.
  • If you have dark wooden floors always go for drapes lighter in shade. Also for a more contemporary theme, pick curtains in ethnic prints and designs. This will go well with your existing home décor and will give you a cohesive look. For modish living space, you can go for geometric prints, floral, motifs or block shades.

When you are trying to decorate or reshuffle your living room, keep all the above tips in mind before matching your curtains. This will help you impart a well organized look in your home.