Curtains for beauty, privacy and protection

Curtains can enhance your doors and windows with elegance, provide privacy from curious eyes and protect your home from the elements of nature. Therefore a good, well design curtain is a necessity for every door and window.

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A well-designed curtain can give a lively and beautiful look to your windows. Even old style of windows can be given a new and contemporary look with curtains. They will not only enhance the interiors of your home but also your exteriors. The look of your windows determines your personality and the standard of your home, therefore, an attractive curtain is a must. Saavra offers curtains in a wide range of colors and themes to help you match with your home décor and your desires.

During the summer season, the hot rays of the sum seem to strike on your windows and affect the ambience of your space. Curtains can help to reduce the amount of light entering your home, maintaining a pleasant ambience in your space. They create a dark shady atmosphere where you can sleep in peace, meditate or watch television without any light disturbances. We recommend you to choose dark colors for you windows during summers and bright colors tend to fade away due to the hot and bright rays of the sun.

The curtains also provide excellent privacy as it conceals your entire door and windows. Use designer door curtains to focus the eyes of the onlookers on the curtains instead of your interiors.

Apart from these features, the curtains also help to maintain a cool inside your home during summers and help to keep it warm during winters. They are breathable and allow free circulation of air through the fabric which helps to maintain the temperature of the room. Some amount of noise is also eliminated as the sound passes through the curtain.

These stylish and functional curtains can benefit you and your home in a number of ways. Get the best window curtains online in india from and make your home an ideal place to live.


Bed Linen, a Fusion of Tradition with Modernity

Home furnishings trends are ever changing sometimes the people look for traditional themes and some people want to decorate their homes in modern themes. You can portray a very contemporary get up by infusing the use of traditional themed patterns and color schemes. Wonder how this is achieved?

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The arabesque motifs patterns on blue, pink and purple colors in muted tones exert elegance. The combination of stripes, zig and zag, polka dots and wavy patterns on eye-catchy blue, yellow, pink and greens add a classy look. The intricate ethnic prints on muted shades also contribute to that elegant look. The usual floral prints in funky colors are a must for every home decoration. The chic tribal prints on yellow, green and red ensure youthful elegance which can simply adorn the look of your kid’s room. The geometric patterns will add that simple sublime touch to the bed.

The damask weave on whites, silvers and the paisley prints on dull peach, block prints on beige, creams, and gold exert royalty.

The combination of muted ethnic patterns on vibrant colors permeates elegance while contrasting with the bold designs on sophisticated colors. In short, the combination of patterns and color schemes bring out tradition designs fused with a modern contemporary look. Also, it takes care of style sensibilities of youngsters with cool colors and the desires of homemakers.

Not just style, the best cotton bed sheets ensures comfortable and relaxing sleep with its cotton fabric and soft texture. The fine stitching of sheets, cushion covers and comforters makes you feel assured of their strength to sustain rough use. Their availability in varied sizes is an asset. They are easy to clean and doesn’t fade even after several machine washes.

Buy bed sheets online in India to decorate your home with the fusion of modern and ethnic trends.

Different Lengths of Curtains for Windows

Curtains are available in a wide range of prints and designs but now you can also personalize your doors and windows with different length of curtains. Different length of curtains imparts different looks. You can attain a chic, sophisticated and lavish look just by choosing the right length of the curtain.


The length of the curtain you choose can define your style, the theme of your home and also your living standard. The different lengths of curtains you can use to drape your windows are:

Brushing the window sill – This length of curtains fits perfectly inside the frame of the window. The hem of the curtains ends at the window sill giving a chic and seamless look. This length is ideal for lace curtains or inner curtain. You can also use this length of the curtain for kitchen and bathroom windows.

Brushing the floor – These curtains slightly touches the floor giving a neat and precise look. This length covers the entire wall of window. You can use these curtains for long and wall windows. You can choose any print, colors or fabric of curtains for this length of windows.

Breaking the floor – In this length, the curtain exceeds the height of the windows with 1 to 2-inch extra length of fabric. Ideal for wall windows, these curtains are generally used in hotels, restaurants, and big homes for a lavish appearance.

Pooling at the floor – This type of curtains fall to the ground and settles on the floor. 2 or more inches of extra length reaches the floor giving a rich and luxury appearance.

You can use any type of prints and patterns, even Indian ethnic curtains for traditional themed homes. Your windows will emerge with richness and offer a royal look to your home when you drape them with an extra length of curtains. If you want to give your home a look of class and elegance, buy ethnic curtains online in India with extra 2 inches of length.

Make Your Bed The Coziest Place On Earth

The luxury bed linen sets come in a collection of bed sheets, bed runner, dohar, blanket, pillow covers cotton quilts, bed comforters in a wide range of prints, colors, and themes.

buy bed sheets online indiaThe soft and smooth quality of the bed linens urges you to climb immediately on your bed. These bed sheets will take all your tiredness away and remove all the pain that you are experiencing in your body.

The excellent texture quality in these bed linens comes from the superior grade cotton use. These bed linens  intricately woven with exact thread count to attain the right texture with ideal thickness. The excellent texture will completely transform your perspective towards your bed.

These bed linens will offer you a warm and cozy sensation during winters and the same bed will keep you cool during summers as they have the ability to maintain the temperature of the bed surface. The cotton fabric will keep you warm and comfortable through the night.

They are also skin friendly and do not allow any germs to accumulate which makes them ideal for kids as well. You will never feel any sense of discomfort or irritation on your skin even if you spend your entire day and night on your bed. You will always feel a soft and cozy sensation every time you lie on the bed.

The inviting prints and alluring colors designed in these bed linens also give them a visually enticing look. Your beds will certainly urge you to climb on it every time you enter your bedroom.

You can buy cotton bed linen online in India in various sizes and designs to help you get the desired look and texture. Visit and choose the bed sheets that will offer you comfort all night long.


How to give a Classy Look to Tables?

We all have problems decorating tables. Sometimes the colors are imperfect, sometimes there is no coordination among table linen and generally, it doesn’t turn out the way you desire. This is not a big problem when you are dining with your family but when guests and friends come for a visit; this is the time you hesitate.

buy table linens online IndiaThe solution to this problem is bright and attractive table linens. Dress your tables with the exclusive table linen from and transform your fabulous dining space. They are designed with excellent colors, themes, and prints from which you can choose to give your tables a particular look.

Table tops are meant to offer a classy appearance, which you can attain with the help of elegant printed table linens. You can choose linens with classy prints and colors to highlight your space. Linens printed with rich designs, floral prints and traditional motifs can bring a regal and sophisticated look to your space. The table covers may look classy and chic but just this is not enough. You need to enhance your table with a complete table linen set including table mats, runners, napkins and many more things.

First of all, choose a table cover that looks classy and offers a luxurious appeal and try to merge the prints and colors with your home décor. Give a seamless cover to your table with these linens. Place a table runner in the center along the length of the table. This will give a look of class to your table. You can now place matching placemats and napkins according to the seating arrangement. By placing crystal bowls and attractive candle holders on the table, you can certainly transform the look of your entire dining space.

If you have the desire to create a dining space that imparts a look of class and luxury, buy table linens online in India from They have the biggest and exclusive collection of table linens from which you can choose to get the best appealing look.

Remove Stubborn Stains from Diwan Linen in 7 easy Steps

The yellowing of sheets is unfortunately an inevitable process that begins to take place with regular use. It generally happens when body oils or sweat penetrates deeply into the fabric. The condition of the sheets become even worse when you way of washing linens is not appropriate. Lot of guests would come and being a perfect host you will have to greet and treat them properly, even if it means staining your expensive diwan sheets.

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The good news is that I have come up with a right method that will help you to remove oil stains and body odor from your favorite linens. Apart from your efficient washing machine and dryer, you will need your usual detergent and handful of few natural agents to brighten up your dull diwan sets.

Steps to clean the sheets:

  • Before you put your sheets into the washer, spray a solution on the stains and other affected areas. Make a solution by mixing water and vinegar. This pre-treatment will begin to work on the stains even before the wash.
  • Now load your washing machine as you normally do by mixing your regular detergent. You do not need a strong detergent, even a mild one can be highly effective if it`s of good quality.
  • Use warm water and soak your sheets in it for 30 minutes. Soaking you linens is important as it helps to remove the body odor and oil stains by breaking the molecules.
  • Continue just like you usually do after your sheets are soaked for appropriate time. Make sure that you wash your linens in hot water because it can easily remove stain as compared to cold water.
  • If the oil stains are still left, then apply a large amount of baking soda to cover the whole stain and let it settle down for 15 minutes. If clumps appear, repeat the process until it disappears.
  • Scrape the baking soda with the help of a toothbrush. Rub it and then wash it again. This will lighten the stain without damaging the fibers of your linens.
  • Dry your linens in the natural air and avoid using dryer.

If your linens have become completely worn out then you can buy diwan set covers online India. To keep these linens like new, you must follow the above mentioned instructions. You can find various designer diwan bed sheets online to have amazing shopping experience.  

Curtains, blinds or drapes: Which one Should You choose?

There must be so many people who are struggling right now to understand the basic difference between the different types of curtains. Some are confused about their usage, some are confused if they serve the same purpose and in the same way. Well yes, we are talking here about drapes, shutters and blinds that have confused our discerning customers.

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When it comes to accessorizing windows, there are so many techniques and choices. From shutters to blinds, one can invest in anything and can add a layer of opulence to room interiors. So whether you have one tricky window with a bad view or beautiful sashes, you can choose one out of plenty of options that will give you a relief from irritating peeping neighbors. Today we are going to unearth the difference between shutters, blinds and curtains, to clear out the confusion for once and all.

Curtains- Hanging curtain is an age old concept. You can find them in every household. They are used in kitchen, living room, bed room and even bathroom. You can find designer door curtains or shower curtains online.  You can hang them from a curtain rod and they will accent your room interior perfectly. They are an integral part of our home décor as they create ambience along with blocking excessive sunlight to get inside the room. They also protect furniture from fading. They come in various prints and designs to suit your needs.

Blinds- Blinds are a great way to block the sunlight form coming in. it does not block the view and allows you to see outside. They are made of wood, aluminium, plastic and fabric. By just pulling a single chord, you can bring them down or draw them open. They give a formal appeal and are best preferred for workplace.

Drapes- These are similar to curtains but they are made from a heavier weight fabric. They generally hang from the window and touch the floor with puddles. They block the light and insulate the room when the draperies are lined. You can use them as decorative accents. They are also made of translucent material which is light weight and create a layered look.  To highlight the decorative facet of your room you can also add valance or swags which are a curved bundle of light fabric. Now you can choose the option that will fit inside your interior in the best way as various beautiful curtains are available online.