3 Types Of Different Diwan Sheets For Your Living Room

We Indians have great way of making our guests comfortable. From modern style of couches to our very own luxurious Indian diwans, we have seen it all. Indian homes mostly have diwans place at one corner of the room apart from the couch because they look versatile. During the day, they offer comfortable seating for lounging or a daytime nap.

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They considered an inseparable part of traditional furniture and therefore they are very common in palaces. But not just in old forts and royal palaces, you can also found them in apartments as they are the modern definition of luxury. You can make your diwan beds look beautiful with diwan set covers that are available online in India. There are different kinds of sheets which you can pick according to your walls and theme of your room interiors.

Geometrical Pattern

If you desire to have interiors that is full of bursting with colors, adding sheets, in splendid hues will do the trick to uplift your living room to an all new level. Symmetry and geometry have an eccentric way of fabulously fitting inside a room. Aztecs, checks, circles and stripes, the list is never ending and you can have almost ceaseless choices to decorate your room with.


Look around your room. What do you see? If you see too many prints and colors, then you can opt for sheets in plain and block colors. You can pick something in black and white print which will give you an uber cool, sophisticated and fantastically decorated room. If you love the vintage, this one color combination is just for you.

Floral Inspiration

For those who love to infuse some freshness, these prints will fulfill their desire. Floral prints and motifs come in multiple colors and bring you close to the nature. They emancipate a natural feel that gives a room a very serene and natural appeal. To create an ethereal feeling to your room, pick a sheet in floral pattern.

Create something unique and exceptional with diwan sets. Buy diwan sets online in vibrant shades and give your guests something incredible to look at!

How To Avoid Making Mistakes While Decorating Home

While choosing a color scheme for our home, be it wall paints or the color scheme for the curtains, we tend to go overboard sometimes. At many occasions we go either too bold or go underplay with our home décor. But the key to perfection lies in making mistakes and learning from them.

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So if you are one of those who are still scratching their head and could not make up their mind if they should go white or bright, then here is the way through which you can pick or learn how to pick the bed linen, curtains or cushion covers like a pro.

  • You have a bed in your room. You want to make it a focal point. Then the simplest technique is to pick colors that are more on the softer side. Instead of choosing the exact tangerine shade that your wall is proudly reflecting, you must pick some neutral shade that will give your eyes a place to rest.
  • If you feel that you would like to tone down your interiors, then we are glad to tell you that neutral shades like gray, white and beige come in many shades and tones. You can use sample colors to pick your favorite color in beige to give your home an elegant appeal.
  • Choose no more than three to four colors that attract your fancy. Pick one shade that goes well with the entire surroundings and combine it with the shade which is visibly dominant.
  • Bold and bright colors look good, but they come out too strong for some interiors. A spacious and sunny room can handle Kelly green or bright yellow, but most of the interiors need shades that can blend and do not stand out like a sore thumb. Pick shades that will always disguise the flaws and accent what you love.

Colorful interiors make people feel good and also look fabulous. You can rightfully choose shades that will complement your entire area to get rid of boring and plain home décor.

Give Your Room A Budget Makeover In 3 Easy Ways

I find myself really amused when I read about how the purchasing power of people has increased. Many of us still stay in small apartments. With few pennies left in our pockets, sometimes it seems impossible to make my room a better looking place. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way; our tight budget should not be a roadblock in revamping our home.

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Yes. Your heard it right! Despite of being tight on budget, you can make your room look like a fancy and expensive hotel room. All you have to do is to use a little bit of your instincts and mix it with various thrifty tricks. You can take cues and many inspiring projects on internet or can follow our blogs. From adding pillows, curtains and a fresh coat of paint to dining table and bed sheets, there are simple solutions through which you can acquire a desired result.

1. You can begin with changing your throw pillows and cushion covers. Pick some bright colored covers for your cushions and replace your old ones from them. It will kick out the dullness right out of the window and will illuminate your room with exceptional appeal.

2. You will be amazed to know that the most of the ways through which you can make your abode look elegant on a budget is very cost effective. There are colors that can instantly light up your room and you can include them into your life by picking luxurious bed linens sets and cushion covers in splendid shades.

3. Curtains are a must have accessories in every household. Regardless of the size and space inside the room a wisely chosen curtain can completely transform the entire appearance of a room.  There are plethora of designs and patterns that appear elegant and expensive- even if they cost less. You can pick them either online from a retail store.

So do not hold yourself back just because you are tight on budget. Discover and browse as much as you have to until you find a thrifty way to give your home a unique look. For more information you can visit our website www.saavra.com

Dress Your Tables for a Party Theme

Smooth drinks, energetic ambience and yummy food are the basic party theme but there are more things you can do if you are organizing a party at home. During a party, most people are into drinks and food, therefore, an attractive looking table is a necessity in every party. Your well-decorated table can make your food look delicious, offer an inviting look to your guest and improves the standard of your home.

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People want to see something new therefore you should choose to give your table unique and fashionable look. Modern table linens are more preferable as they have a rich and lively look. You can also mix up the linens with a slight coordination in color to give a sophisticated look.

Select vibrant colors for your table as it brings an energetic feeling at every right. You can even add balloons to your setting to enhance the vividness.

You can theme your tables with matching mats, dinner napkins and runners to give a rich and fabulous look. By placing crystal or silver dishes and crockery you will certainly give a sparkling look to your dining space. You will never have to see any kind of dullness on your tables when you decorate your tables with a modern concept of table linens.

You can buy the best party themes table linen online India from saavra.com. You can choose from wide range of designs and colors according to the type of theme you want to display. These table linens are made from the best quality fabric and can be washed without any risk of color fades. Avail dining table cloth online by shopping from Saavra at unbelievable prices and organize the perfect party at home.

Add Good Vibes To Your Home With Colorful Home Furnishing Products

For many of us, 2016 was humdinger, but we are here ready to hit refresh in this New Year. How and in what ways you can refresh your interiors, tone and mood of your home, is all we are going to discuss here today. New hacks, fresh ideas and killing skills will help you inspire, achieve and maintain those New Year`s vibe and resolutions.

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If you are looking to step your game up this year, then it might be the right time to take cues from trend decors. 2017, is going to be all about chic minimalism that you can use and twist to give an edge to your personal bedroom, living room, dinner table or your old windows for that matter. All you have to be aware of little knacks that will fuse effectively the uber-gorgeous elements with the existing home décor.

Simple designs with creative sensibilities will surely help you maintain the kind of vibe that you will make you exhale with relief. Pair you plain curtains with muted hues and smart functionality to inspire both organization and peace. If you want an elegant looking room, it does not necessarily mean that you have to stay away from colors. You can absolutely load up to colors but all you have to do is stick with more muted shades to keep things mellow and subtle.

Bedroom is the best place to be playful with latest trends and to incorporate minimalism. To infuse peaceful vibes into your nightly slumber, pick bed sheets in sober shades and patterns. Dark, intense and rich shade of maroon, Fuschia, brown and gray will give your space a stunning appearance. Your bedroom is a refuge from this big crazy world, so give that special retreat as many good vibes as you can.

Declutter your windows and dinner table with stuff that do not serve you anymore. Remove things that are of no use to you anymore. Experiment with the prints you have never chosen before. Go down the line and mix one pattern with another to give your room a totally touch of style. Keep your space calm and happy by minimizing the clutter and maximizing the enchanting color schemes with majestic prints.

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3 Tips That Will Help You Choose A Perfect Bed sheet

A perfect made bed and surreal surroundings of a bed room is all we need to calm ourselves when we get back home after working hard at workplace. The most vital part is played by a bed linen to make it more engaging and comfortable. Surely, pillows and comforters also contribute, but it is a perfect looking linen that leads from the front.

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But how can we make sure that what we purchase is perfect and ideal for our bedroom space. There are few things to consider before you buy one. These factors will ensure you get nothing but the best. Apart from the comfort, you must also think about its beauty as it will ensure that it blends well with your interiors. So have a look at these tips and get to perfect bed sheet

Thread Count- This one factor is something which is popular among the customers. There is a notion that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable are the sheets. But it does not always necessarily mean that high thread count will always get you soft sheets. So do not fall for thread counts and always go for 100% cotton. There are plenty of choices of fabrics if you want to explore beyond cotton.

Prints or Plains- Always make yourself aware of the theme or the appearance of your room before purchasing sheets. Look at the aesthetics of the bed and then choose whether you want to go for printed or plain looking prints. If you have printed wallpaper then choose linen in solid plain colors as too many prints can create a messy look. Similarly if you have plain walls, choose printed designs to add some texture into your home.

Color- Coordination is important between the different accessories of a room. If not coordinated well, it will create a mismatch look. Always pick shades that will go either with your wall paint or curtains, as that will pull together the entire look. Also if your room is small, you should pick bright shades as it will reflect the light, making your room appear spacious.

All about Home Furnishing & Popular Brands In India

India is one of the fastest growing economies. Not only in the service sector but also in the home furnishing sector India is rapidly growing its horizon. According to the reports, India is one of the fastest growing markets for home furnishing items in Asia-Pacific. The constantly rising demands for home décor products such as pillow covers, bed linens, duvets, rugs, and carpets is surely boosting the country`s image in the vast market of home furnishing. Furthermore, it is estimated to grow at a CAGR over 8% during 2015-2020.

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As the growth in real estate and housing sectors, growing trend of custom designed furniture, increasing demands of beautiful linens, upholstery, wallpapers, blinds, curtains is rapidly increasing this industry is going to boom in the coming years. Indian home furnishing market is highly splintered with several leading and popular brands playing across the value chain.

There are a number of home furnishing brands in India which are popular and beautiful every home in India. Whether it is Jaipuri prints, floral prints, creative abstracts, geometric lines, plain solid shades, block printing or other traditional or regional printing technique, Indians have the widest variety to choose from.

The art of refurbishing and decorating your home is a rigorous undertaking. Since the place in question is your abode, where you spend your most of the time, a lot of care and efforts go into deciding and choosing the perfect accessories. You can infuse your personal taste and preferences that will reflect back your true persona in its appearance. It is not necessary that you break banks to give your personal place a magnificent makeover; you can also do it wisely and smartly. With so many home furnishing manufacturers you can also get your favorite stuff personalized.