Spring decoration!! Bring on the Color and Texture

Spring is the season for decorating your home with luxurious textures and vibrant colors. You can also bring a change in your space with attractive printed table linens. Spring brings new life and a renewed spirit along with blooming flowers and fresh air. Bring the essence of spring in your dining space and experience the feeling of total bliss with attractive table linens.

dining table cloth onlineDecorate your table tops with a beautiful theme of flowers and this will bring a feeling of spring. Choose floral patterns that are bright and colorful for a fresh and lively appearance.  You can choose a table linen that looks timeless so that you can use them every year. Use silverware, dishes to match with the pleasant colors.

You can enhance the look of table cover by placing matching table runners, napkins, placemats and other table accessories. They will give an energetic and sophisticated look to your interiors. If you want to give a rich and luxurious look and create a theme of spring, place a designer vase with a flower that harmonizes with the colors of the linen. You can also place decorative napkin holders and candle holders to create a fabulous dining table. If you want to give a classy look, you can choose floral prints in simple colors.

Dress your table for spring and experience luxurious dining right at your home. The bright colorful flowers, the excellent texture and the essence of spring in these table linens will certainly make your tables emerge with style and elegance. Get this dining table cloth online by shopping from saavra.com and enjoy.

The excellent designs and the vibrant colors will certainly leave your guest spellbound. You try your own tips and tricks on these table linens to make it look more attractive. You will find every food delicious and flavorful when you are eating on these table covers.

Choose Beautiful Linen in 5 Easy Steps

Winters are almost gone, as the spring is here. As we wave goodbye to the cold and breezy winters, it is the perfect time to make preparations to make changes in our bedroom setting. Your bedroom should be the first thing, from where you should start making little changes according to the weather. Nobody would like to sleep in a bed that is not according to the season. A silk or flannel bedding will surely leave you in sweat, if you are going to use them in summers.

customized bed sheets online indiaThe best way to bring change in the appearance of your bedroom is to switch to summer friendly bed linen. Here are five useful tips that will help you choose the right linen for your home.

1. The coolest color that exists in our color palette is –White. Come summer, white is the shade that you will see dominating everything. Even a hint of white during scorching heat can soothe down your senses. This color is easy on eyes and brightens up the room. So pick something in which or has a touch of white.

2. Pick best cotton bed sheets in tiny prints this summer. Small prints look elegant as compared to bold prints. They give your eyes a place to rest. If you want your bed room to look trendy, opt for floral design or geometric pattern.

3. There is nothing like stripes when it comes to create a breezy look inside. Stripes exude a neutral and natural look that speaks volume about the incredible taste of the owner.

4. Summer is all about cool and splashing colors. Pick vibrant shades of bed sheets to pop up the dimension of diverse shades. Bright colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange and electric pink can spruce up your room interiors efficiently.

5. After spending on your customized bed sheets whether online or from a nearby store in India, it is also important to take care of the sheets.

If you generally prefer to keep your bedroom plain and simple, why not spice things up a little bit in the summer months? Pick something enticing to give your room an interesting look.

Why is Quality of Bed Sheet Essential for Sleep?

Try sleeping on a cheap polyester bed sheet. I guarantee, you will never be able to sleep on these sheets. Polyester bed sheets are strong, durable and smooth to touch but it will never give you the same comfort as high quality sheets. Cotton bed sheets on the other hand are breathable, absorbs moisture and offer excellent softness. But still, even the best cotton bed sheets do not guarantee the best sleep.

bed sheetsTo create a perfect platform for sleep, you must know what to look for.

First of all, you must find out what grade of cotton is used in your bed sheet. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the finest as they are made from long staple cotton. A blend of two fabrics is also ideal as the characteristics of each are merged together to form a fabric carrying the properties of both.

If you are thinking that fabrics with highest thread count are soft and comfort, you are totally wrong. You must know the ideal count from which you can get the best comfort. Good quality bed sheets have 200 to 800 TC which is perfect when you what to experience comfort.

The weaving technique and the manufacturing process followed to make the fabric also matters a lot as it defines the softness and the quality of the fabric. Sateen weave is preferred by most users as they are soft and offers a lustrous feel. This type of weaving is also more durable compared to other weaving methods.

If you have a desperate need for comfort, you can avail the designer bed sheets online from saavra.com. They have an exceptional collection of bed sheets which you find perfect from every perspective. Made from the finest quality cotton with precise thread count and standard weaving technique, they are the best choice for every buyer.


3 Types of Tablecloth to make your Supper Enjoyable

Whether you are taking care of a big event, birthday party or a formal occasion there are many elements that must be fused together to make it a successful one. A tablecloth plays a huge part when it comes to decorating your dining place. There are plenty of fabrics available in the market in which these tablecloths are manufactured. Every fabric makes an occasion more special. Check out the different fabrics that are popular among the large masses.


1. Cotton- Perhaps one of the most popular fabric, cotton is everyone`s favorite. A cotton tablecloth comes in casual prints like floral prints, geometric lines, stripes and a lot more. They are easy to maintain and is very durable in terms of usage. You can wash them every day as they have high endurance power.

2. Satin- If you have a formal occasion coming up, satin is the fabric you must pick. Satin can always add a touch of elegance to the overall ambience, making your dinner parties all the more special. Made from the silk, this fabric carries an unmatched sheen and luster that can make any dinner table sophisticated. It is delicate in nature and requires special attention when it comes to washing and taking care.

3. Polyester- This one is made from cotton and synthetic fibers. It is as much durable as cotton and come in offbeat designs. It is a chemically made fiber and with intricate weaving pattern, receives its texture. They also come in various prints and patterns, just like cotton. They look best for casual birthday parties, get-together and at tea parties. You can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove the stains.

When choosing a table linen always keeps the occasion in mind and your requirements. If you purchasing it for daily use, you must pick something in dark shade as it will conceal the stains and will not get dirty quickly. While purchasing make sure the hemline and stitches are even, and that the coloration is solid. You can also place napkins to accentuate the surrounding and to make the whole set-up all the more attractive.

Lighten Up your Bedroom with Vivid Colors

Want to live in a home where the colors light up your home? You can now by giving your home a colorful cast of colors. Start with your bedroom and cover your bed with bright colored bed sheets.  This will create a basic idea of how your bedroom will look in the theme. You can then begin complementing your bed with matching colors and prints of pillow covers, and cushion covers.

cotton bed sheets India

Choose the best for your bed as it is the heart of your room. The beauty of your bed reflects in your home decor, therefore, a bright and beautiful bed cover is an essential part of the bed. White, yellow, light blue and green colored bed sheets are ideal for a bright look. If you want to give a more sophisticated look you can also use printed bed linens.

You can also try traditional bed linens as they also come in bright colors and lively designs. You have a lot of options to choose from as most bed sheets nowadays come in attractive colors. A luxurious look can also be attained on your bed with high-quality fabrics and exquisite prints which you can avail from saavra.com.

After you have attained your desired look on your bed you can move to other spaces in your bed room like your floors and windows. Theme your entire room with the colors incorporated on your bed. Match the carpets and curtains with your bedding set and your room will now be complete. Make sure you get the best quality of cotton bed linen online at saavra.com and use the best quality fabrics for your bedroom as it is the room where you spend most of your time, therefore, it should be perfect.

How to Match your Curtains with Existing Home Décor

Curtains can have both positive as well as negative impact on the room. Your room can feel and clumsy with the wrong curtains. Inappropriate curtains can make the whole interiors look outdated, while a carefully chosen curtain can lift the entire room. These days there are plenty of possible styles that can cater the needs of every home maker. Whether it is a hypermodern home owner or the nostalgic designer, here are few suggestions that can help you to match your curtains with your interiors.

curtains online

  • We all live in small spaces and apartments. As not all of us are blessed like celebrities to lead an elite life in a penthouse, you can make your homely abode look bigger and wider with the help of curtains. Hang up a curtain that is a bit longer than the window opening.
  • Hang up the curtains a bit high from the window pane to make your room look taller. Also pick curtains that will graze the floor, as that will create an illusion of a larger room.
  • Fabric which is robust and have more texture can also play a huge role in the end results. Fabrics like silk and velour can create versatile pleats. If you are looking for a classic style, these fabrics can be your best bet. They are ideal to create vintage style of drama I your living place.
  • Choose neutral colors for your curtains if you have too many colors in your room already. Also always choose a pattern carefully. Your veils should help you to pull an entire look together and not be the focal point. Feel free to take the color swatches to the store to get the curtains in exact color.
  • If you have dark wooden floors always go for drapes lighter in shade. Also for a more contemporary theme, pick curtains in ethnic prints and designs. This will go well with your existing home décor and will give you a cohesive look. For modish living space, you can go for geometric prints, floral, motifs or block shades.

When you are trying to decorate or reshuffle your living room, keep all the above tips in mind before matching your curtains. This will help you impart a well organized look in your home.

Improve your Mood with Colored Bed Sheets

Colors can bring a great change in the ambience, the look of your room and your mood as well, that why choosing the right color is so important. You can reflect the ambience of your room with the help of colors and shades. You should have the idea of how to play with colors and have some knowledge about how your room will look after you give it a colorful treatment.

best cotton bed sheets

You will certainly feel a boost in your mood as soon as you cover your beds with colorful linens. The colors of your bed sheet will create the desired atmosphere where you would love to sleep and relax. You can choose from a wide range of designer bed sheets online in preferred colors and prints from saavra .com and change the look for your room the way you like.

The colors of bed sheet you choose can affect your mood in different ways.


White bed sheets bring a feeling of purity and extravagance. It creates a pleasant ambience and offers a hygienic look, therefore most hotels and resorts use white linens to reflect a look of luxury. White make the room look clean and comfortable, perfect for every home.


Green is the color of nature, therefore, it brings a calm and soothing ambiance. Your beds will looking refreshing and relaxing in the presence of green.


Red is considered to be the color of love that is why it connects you to your passion at first sight. The color will bring a grand change in your room with a romantic ambience.


This is the color of the skies and the seas. It is said to attract positive energy and offer pleasant sleep. Not all shades of blue are appealing, therefore we recommend you to cover your bed with light shades of blue for a comfortable good sleep.


Yellow is the color that can bring extra cheer in your life. As the color of the sun, it will bring a lively glow to your room creating a happy and energetic atmosphere.

You can enhance the entire look of your room with matching colored pillow and cushion covers. You can also get customized bed sheets online India from saavra.com in any color, size and print you desire.