Bed Linen that Decorates Room Interiors in Diverse Patterns

Modifying your interiors is not a tough task any more in terms of availability of diversified collection that the market is exploded with. But when it comes to selecting one from hundred varieties of patterns, colors and designs, one would definitely feel confused.

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But at Saavra, you won’t feel confused as our clear design philosophy, hand -made patterns and fine natural dying techniques would present a clear look to the luxury bed linen sets.

Designed in both bold and intricate patterns, it provides the customer ample opportunity to select that one desires. They are so enticing in look, that one won’t limit self to own just one set. They are perfect to gift to relatives and loved ones at special occasions too.

Various Designing Patterns- Traditional & Contemporary

While the bold patterns like arabesque, pictorial, floral, crests, paisley, damask, Jaipuri and zari work present a royal flair to the beddings, the intricate patterns engage a celebrative vigor to the ambiance.

Patterns color in bright hues is emboss on pestle or light tone shades that present a wonderful look to the interiors as the contrast  engage a striking appearance to linens.

A Magical Touch Artistic Beauty

Craft beautifully by local artisans, the gorgeous linens are favorites in India as well to off shore locations too. Apart from the luxurious look of the linens, the cotton bed linens online at Saavra are on comfort too.

Infusing Attributes of Soothing Fabric

The cotton is used extensively in India as it blends with the subtropical climatic nature of the subcontinent and also provides warmth in cooler conditions. Secondly, the soothing textures of the cotton spin a friendly experience to the skin. The anti-bacterial features create clean look and ensure hygienic surroundings to the linens.

The very reason they are considered favorite is that they endow a perfect combination of comfort and style.


Greet Visitors in an Inviting Aura of Royal Diwan Linens

It’s not that every day that relative come knocking the doors of your home, well its quiet occasional to say the least. Greeting them warmly is the hospitality culture that is quiet prevalent in our tradition and beliefs.

diwan set covers online shoppingWell, the first step in the direction is to let the relative feel the comfort of the luxurious sitting arrangement. The diwan furniture lets the guest feel the royal charisma of the Mughal chamber with its rich and alluring set of linens.

Print & colors

Printed in exquisite set of ethnic patterns and splash in colors of vibrant Indian shades, these diwan set covers from online shopping from Saavra makes for a desirable investment. The bold patterns like arabesque, florals, vectors, paisley, crests and the damask weave in hand or block print by experienced artisans would instantly draw the glance of the viewer with its majestic look. As bold and colorful patterns is inked in pestle backdrops, the gorgeous linens would create a beautiful contrasting look that expresses a unique look from each angle and corner one view the magnificent furniture’s in.


Well, the design of the diwan and linen is a bit different from those available in the market. The absence of the handset and the forehead provides one ample amount of space to rest in, whatever position one may like resting in. The double stitched cotton fabrics ensure fine texture and great soothing experience to skin when you sit on them.

One may place them to the corners of the room or even at centers. So for owning this regal décor, you may buy diwan linen online from Saavra and make its presence spreading majestic ambiance. A number of people could sit on the diwan linens where occupying least amount of space for people is to move freely across the space.

Redefine Home Decor with Designer Indian Ethnic Curtains

All the while when you see the young homemakers around you divulging to give their home a perfect makeover with selection of the most modern set of furniture, linens and artistic accessories, a desire to create a something different which sets one apart from crowd is always an urge a human experiences in their life.

best living room curtains

Pattern & Colors

Carefree from how the views or opinions of people may perceive about your style and choices, the gorgeous Indian ethnic curtains from the house of Saavra would brighten up interiors of your home from every corner and angle.

Bold Motifs

Using the most authentic form of embossing pattern on the fabrics, the experienced artisans shower all their creative artistry with precision and hours of hard work that deliver a royal finish and graceful look to the drapes. The fine weaves of colorful threads to form bold motifs would strike a wonderful visual appearance to the ambiance. The floral, arabesque, pictorial art, crests, paisley and damask pattern would give your windows a majestic and grand look. The adorable patterns and colors would engage a lively ambiance to the arena.

Intricate Motifs

Also, the mix is block printed pattern which provide customers a range of styles to pick from. The intricate patterns in the form of stripes, polka, waves, and lamp motifs in hues of festive colors would let one create fusion attire that provides a touch of traditional look yet also appeals equally to the modern youngster with a classic combination of pattern and color combinations.


As Indian sub-continent experiences long spells of summers, the fabric selected are cool and breathable in nature. The soothing and smooth textures of the natural fibers provide comfort and finesse that blends naturally with the climes and the ambiance of the home to perfection. To gain access to such comforting stylish linens, you may buy designer door curtains exclusively from website of Saavra.

Brighten Up Interiors With Ethnic Printed Bed Linens

It’s not necessary that you modify your home interiors every year, its only when you feel the fashion have evolved to an extent and the collection influx in to the market are so upscale. It makes your décor look gleam that one decides to present their home a makeover.

luxury bed linen set

Though, modification is not that an easy task to perform. One has to first decide on a décor they want to create for their dream home, pick on a pattern and choice of color and finally shop for the bed linen they like to dress their double bed furniture with.

Markets are all infused of the modern set of bed linens collections that present an urban look to the room; well it may not be the preference of every individual. Also as gradually people have embraced the idea of decorating home in designer linens instead of modern sets, Saavra offers its customer an option to buy designer bed sheets online from its portal.

The designer bed sheets are embossed with ethnic patterns which present a royal and opulent appearance to the interiors. The patterns are incarnated with the help of hand woven weaves which is made possible only through experience, practice and precision of the veteran artist. The traditional methods like thread weaves, block prints, and zari hemline borders are used to present a rich royal look to the bed.

The bold patterns like arabesque, pictorial art, paisley, crests, and damask inked in gorgeous red, orange, gold, green and blue create a majestic look that would present an authentic indigenous look to the interiors and would reflect the values, beliefs and culture of nation through pictorial representation. Transfer imperial era to the world through cotton bed sheets which you can avail easily at the online portal of Saavra. Seek the comfort of natural fibers and style of ethnic prints in luxury bed linen set.

Offer Rich Classy Look to Dinette Owning Designer Table Covers

Make your dinette to look perfect from every perspective by bringing this linen from the house of saavra. You can’t even imagine that dinette without the help of its alluring cover. Buy designer table covers online India from saavra and give a bright spacious look to your dining space. The ethnic themes and patterns highlight the table tops with a beautiful eye- catching appearance.

dining room table covers

You can choose linen from classy prints and colors to highlight the dining space. You would find prints with rich designs, traditional motifs, and floral prints which are found adequate to bring a regal and sophisticated look into dining space. Hence, bring a sparkling change in your dining space.

Enhance your dinette with a complete table linen set including table mats, runners, napkins and many more things. The classic art, the graceful art, jaipuri delight, ethnic tribal, artistic creations, classic Aztec, motifs pattern, folk delight and lots more will embellish your dining hall. Once you sit around it you don’t want to leave the place and will love to enjoy and capture the moments in the presence of these covers.

The texture quality offers a seamless surface on dinette. The soft fabric lets linens drop down flawlessly towards its edges. the entire set whether it’s a cover, runner or a mat all would offer smooth, durable and soft touch so that you can rest your arm on the table. The fine weaves have the high tearing strength that will help in washing regularly without any risk of damage.

Pick the best for your tables and dine in class and luxury. Choose the table linen that fits flawlessly in your home and with your lifestyle. You can buy dining room table covers online India from the house of saavra to get the best of quality and price.

Add Great Interest to the Dinette with Table Runner Set

If you are willing to organize a party at your home and you have to drop that idea only because of the dull and dread look of your dining hall then, you are leaving the great opportunity to enjoy. So don’t wait to plan a grand party as dining table runners along with the accessories will be an ideal idea to organize the party. It will fill the charm in your dining space which is going to be a center of attraction for your guests.

buy table runner sets onlineThe lively, bright and elegant look of the table linens will give a great appearance to your dinette. You do not need any kind of decoration and caption to put on your wall as the classy prints will indicate the theme of the party and it will make the party memorable.  Your guest will fall in love with the decoration done by table linen which is completed with napkins, mats and runner; they will love to use each and everything while having their meal.

The shades of table linen are so amazing that they will love to use the napkin without asking you and the enchanting look of mats will incite them to place their crockeries properly. This table linen is blended with such beautiful prints that would make your guests amazed. Buy table runner sets online from saavra as apart from look and style it hides the rough and scratched part of the table which will not raise a point on your living standard.

Made with premium grade of cotton and will offer a soft touch to the hand whenever one will place it on the table. This fabric has a longer durability as it will not get harmed with hot pots. The soft feel of the lien ensures a soothing experience in the dinner.

Create an Inviting Aura by Owning Colorful Diwan Linens

Colors are seemed wonderful source to brightens up our mood and also add meaning to our lives. It illuminates the beauty of the space altogether. Whether bright hues of natural colors or subtle harmonized flair of the metallic shades, they help to uplift the appearance of the products and the surroundings where we place them.

buy diwan sets online

Bring home colorful diwan bed sheets through online shopping from Saavra and give family a surprise in form of mesmerizing royal furniture sitting arrangement. Create an inviting aura into living space by decorating diwan with linen that plays with the concept of merging bold ethnic patterns and rich colors.

The shades of red, orange, pink, green, and yellow are acknowledged often as Indian colors. These shades are the ones which ignite that royal flair to the entire set. Their powerful presence would help you create that mesmerizing inviting appearance to the royal furniture setup. The royal and grand look of the room would instantly transform or remind you of majestic world of the Mughal era. It would brighten up your celebration in festive season.

Your current interiors may not splash these enticing shades but it would surely and aptly enhance the traditional décor of the space. If the scenario is such that you can’t cover your diwans in bright shades, you can anyway swift to light tone shades.

The metallic and pastel shades would create that perfect balance of decorative interiors and subtle prints. The intricate designs like stripes, Aztec waves, scaleys, fusion patterns in combination with silver, gold, peaches, brown and creams pastel greens and blues would imbibe that soothing, calm, light and heavenly feel.

Buy diwan set online from Saavra to create royal look and to feel soothing touch in living room. Add matching cushion and bolster covers to present a complete and finesse look to the diwan.