Feel Vibes of Royalty in Space with Ethnic Double Bed Linens

Do you plan to give your bed room interiors a refreshing and different look? Are you still fond of traditional outlook when the whole world is busy stylising them in modern attires? The royal and grand interiors are best achieved with the help of customized bed sheets online from the store in India from the portals of Saavra.

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Oozing Royalty in Every Corner

The bed linens comprise of sheet, pair of pillow and cushion covers. They give the entire setup a complete and a traditional look. They are overwhelming in their presence that the home maker won’t feel the need to dress the room further with expensive artefacts and show pieces.

Fine Touch of Handcrafted Linens

The linens are selected by a panel of experienced designers who pick ethnic patterns from the hundreds on display that are traditional in essence yet present a trendy appearance to the luxurious linens.

The linens are crafted by old hand of local artists. Their hard work and precision lends fine touch and soothing feel to the hands when you run them through its surface. It is the main factor that derives a royal feel to the setup.

Use of Traditional Techniques

The artisans use traditional methods like block prints, thread weaving, and zari work etc. for helping to create a rich majestic touch of imperial era.

Prints & Colours

The traditional designs like floral and use of bold and intricate patterns add to the royal essence of the linens. The bold patterns like arabesque, crests, paisley, buti, and damask are still quite popular among masses. Intricate patterns express a pretty look with subtle and elegant appearance.

The use of rich shades like red, orange, yellow, green and blue would ensure a bright, lively and grand look to the room interiors, the pastel shades on backdrop ensure a visually striking look to the linens with their contrast appearance.

Feel every bit like a royal prince or queen when you relax on luxury linens, you may own these bed sheets from online portal of Saavra.


Way to Add Life into Interiors with Home Designer Bed Sheet

Bed room is a very important space that lets the individual express their free spirit with full energy. They are actually the place that reflects your true personality and identity with choice of interiors one select to decorate the room. The guarantee of instant transformation to room interiors is made possible with purchase of luxury bed linen sets.

designer bed sheet online Modify Interiors in Evergreen Collection

Replace your old sets of linens with a new set from Saavra. They offer a collection that gives homemakers a chance to modify their space reflecting their personal choice.

Theme Décor

If you have taste for patterns and colours that reflect traditional look, then Saavra should be the first destination to search on internet. They endow designs comprised of pattern in floral, motifs and intricate weaves reflect your love for tradition, rich folk art and culture of our diverse nation.

Use Traditional Modes of Creating Linens

The collection is designed by experienced panel and executed by crafted artisans. These artisans put across years of practice and hard work to create a collection that symbolizes the richness of our folk art. Weaves, block, prints, and Zari work are some of the common artistic methods used by artisans. The handcrafted linens give bed sheets a fine look.

Prints & Colors

Use of bold and intricate patterns engages a royal and grand look to the room interiors. The rich hues like red, orange, yellow, green, and blue help to present a lively and luxurious setup to the double bed furniture.

Giving a Complete Look

The matching cushions, pillows and floor cushions give a complete look to bed and majestic vibe to interiors.


Made of natural fibers of cotton fabrics, comfort is assured from every corner of bed space. The fine textures, water proof and anti-allergenic features, and high -thread count add to luxurious look of the linens.

How to Easily Make Your Living Space Trendy and Contrasting

If you are confused about upgrading the interior of your home and most important on choosing the color and design then, you need not worry as you are going to find an absolute choice of bed sheets at saavra. There is variety of collections available which definitely matches your home décor. You may easily buy designer bed sheets online from  the house of Saavra and add a rich traditional look to the surroundings of the home. Prints based on ethnic and folk pattern never get outmoded and have the ability to give an evergreen appearance. To give a organize look, you may pair the bed sheets with matching pillow covers and contrasting bed runner.

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Make Your Home Décor Trendy

Each design has a versatile look whether you opt for paisley, motifs, tribal, floral, Arabic and so on. Patterns having a rich Indian look twist the entire surroundings and give the bedroom a devastating effect.  It is woven and stitched with extreme intricacy to ensure perfect thickness, size and excellent texture. Create an outstanding ambience with its innovative look and find an awesome change to the living space as it makes the home décor trendy according to the modern era.

Easy to Maintain

Redefine your home with the latest & exclusive collection. Get the magnificent designs from which you may truly experience the complete relaxation. The collection gives your interiors a gorgeous and attractive change comprehensively. The enchanting look presents a royal and grand look to your personal space. You and your family have a good time whenever you sit on your bed.

It is easy to maintain as it does not require any special treatment. Wash them in a machine as they are colorfast. Use cold water and prevent soaking to preserve the vibrant colors. You may prefer to own customized bed sheets also from online portal in India.

How to Start A Fresh This New Year with Luxurious Bed Linen

New Year is that time of the year where one has a ready-made excuse to make to modify their interiors to give a surprising twist to their setup. Bed room is one of the major highlight as a fresh start to relations and strengthening the bonds is best put to execution. The bedrooms are a place where one spends maximum time with their family.

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Modify the interiors of your room in vibrant and lively ambiance of luxury bed linen sets which are available from Saavra. New Year celebrations and a fresh start to year are bound to be full of colours and life.

  • Pattern

The bold patterns of arabesque, pictorial art, floral, mix and match combination of stripes, wave and polka, scaly and motifs would leave one amazed with its engaging bold looks and opulent appearance.

  • Colors

The rich hues of the natural colours would help one convert their usual setup into a designer outlook. It turns your ordinary moment into a celebration with its full of life get up.

  • Accessorizing

Complement the beauty of the linens by adorning matching pair of cushions and pillows from the diverse collection. Realizing how colorful the linens are, one won’t feel the need to purchase a different set of artistic showpiece for the room interiors.

  • Finesse

In the days of festivities, a glossy texture is a must for décor. The finesse and shiny look of cotton fabric add to the beauty of the linens.

Finesse is result of high thread count of the cotton fabrics are weave to perfection with use of quality thread yarn. The closed intersection of the weaves tenders high thread count and fine soothing touch to the skin on contact. An ease of breathing and excellent feel to skin is primary to comfort of sleeper. To seek the benefit of natural fibre and designer linens, you may get cotton bed linen online from Saavra.

Bed Linen that Decorates Room Interiors in Diverse Patterns

Modifying your interiors is not a tough task any more in terms of availability of diversified collection that the market is exploded with. But when it comes to selecting one from hundred varieties of patterns, colors and designs, one would definitely feel confused.

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But at Saavra, you won’t feel confused as our clear design philosophy, hand -made patterns and fine natural dying techniques would present a clear look to the luxury bed linen sets.

Designed in both bold and intricate patterns, it provides the customer ample opportunity to select that one desires. They are so enticing in look, that one won’t limit self to own just one set. They are perfect to gift to relatives and loved ones at special occasions too.

Various Designing Patterns- Traditional & Contemporary

While the bold patterns like arabesque, pictorial, floral, crests, paisley, damask, Jaipuri and zari work present a royal flair to the beddings, the intricate patterns engage a celebrative vigor to the ambiance.

Patterns color in bright hues is emboss on pestle or light tone shades that present a wonderful look to the interiors as the contrast  engage a striking appearance to linens.

A Magical Touch Artistic Beauty

Craft beautifully by local artisans, the gorgeous linens are favorites in India as well to off shore locations too. Apart from the luxurious look of the linens, the cotton bed linens online at Saavra are on comfort too.

Infusing Attributes of Soothing Fabric

The cotton is used extensively in India as it blends with the subtropical climatic nature of the subcontinent and also provides warmth in cooler conditions. Secondly, the soothing textures of the cotton spin a friendly experience to the skin. The anti-bacterial features create clean look and ensure hygienic surroundings to the linens.

The very reason they are considered favorite is that they endow a perfect combination of comfort and style.

Brighten Up Interiors With Ethnic Printed Bed Linens

It’s not necessary that you modify your home interiors every year, its only when you feel the fashion have evolved to an extent and the collection influx in to the market are so upscale. It makes your décor look gleam that one decides to present their home a makeover.

luxury bed linen set

Though, modification is not that an easy task to perform. One has to first decide on a décor they want to create for their dream home, pick on a pattern and choice of color and finally shop for the bed linen they like to dress their double bed furniture with.

Markets are all infused of the modern set of bed linens collections that present an urban look to the room; well it may not be the preference of every individual. Also as gradually people have embraced the idea of decorating home in designer linens instead of modern sets, Saavra offers its customer an option to buy designer bed sheets online from its portal.

The designer bed sheets are embossed with ethnic patterns which present a royal and opulent appearance to the interiors. The patterns are incarnated with the help of hand woven weaves which is made possible only through experience, practice and precision of the veteran artist. The traditional methods like thread weaves, block prints, and zari hemline borders are used to present a rich royal look to the bed.

The bold patterns like arabesque, pictorial art, paisley, crests, and damask inked in gorgeous red, orange, gold, green and blue create a majestic look that would present an authentic indigenous look to the interiors and would reflect the values, beliefs and culture of nation through pictorial representation. Transfer imperial era to the world through cotton bed sheets which you can avail easily at the online portal of Saavra. Seek the comfort of natural fibers and style of ethnic prints in luxury bed linen set.

Lighten Up Your Bedroom With Designer Bed Sheets

If you want to enjoy the soothing aura and desire to create a decorative look then get ready to recreate the beauty in your bedroom with the help of designer bed sheets. Once you start using these bed covers you will feel yourself refresh and in lively spirit.

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These designer bed sheets will bring a sense of happiness at every glance. The stylish look of the bed covers will make your bedding so beautiful that you will feel proud of yourself to have this in your home. Each collection of the bed sheets is weaved by highly experienced artisans to provide a fine touch to the product.

Each print is combined with ethnic prints on eye- catching colors such as blue, yellow, pink, green etc. which ensures a look that is a fusion of tradition and modernity. These designer bed sheets are not just a cover to protect your bedding, but a most important thing that can suddenly change your interior beautifully.  So if you want to give your home a luxurious look then buy designer bed sheets online India from saavra.

If you are confused about the color and design then you need not worry as you will absolutely find your choice at saavra. There are a variety of collections is available which will definitely match your home décor.

Buy customized bed sheets online India from saavra which collections are colorfast in nature and can endure a rough machine wash without any risk of damage to the textures and the prints. Also the bed sheets are made with the premium grade of cotton which will ensure a soft and smooth texture. So get ready to be appreciated by your closed ones for the change which you have bought in your home.