How to Match your Curtains with Existing Home Décor

Curtains can have both positive as well as negative impact on the room. Your room can feel and clumsy with the wrong curtains. Inappropriate curtains can make the whole interiors look outdated, while a carefully chosen curtain can lift the entire room. These days there are plenty of possible styles that can cater the needs of every home maker. Whether it is a hypermodern home owner or the nostalgic designer, here are few suggestions that can help you to match your curtains with your interiors.

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  • We all live in small spaces and apartments. As not all of us are blessed like celebrities to lead an elite life in a penthouse, you can make your homely abode look bigger and wider with the help of curtains. Hang up a curtain that is a bit longer than the window opening.
  • Hang up the curtains a bit high from the window pane to make your room look taller. Also pick curtains that will graze the floor, as that will create an illusion of a larger room.
  • Fabric which is robust and have more texture can also play a huge role in the end results. Fabrics like silk and velour can create versatile pleats. If you are looking for a classic style, these fabrics can be your best bet. They are ideal to create vintage style of drama I your living place.
  • Choose neutral colors for your curtains if you have too many colors in your room already. Also always choose a pattern carefully. Your veils should help you to pull an entire look together and not be the focal point. Feel free to take the color swatches to the store to get the curtains in exact color.
  • If you have dark wooden floors always go for drapes lighter in shade. Also for a more contemporary theme, pick curtains in ethnic prints and designs. This will go well with your existing home décor and will give you a cohesive look. For modish living space, you can go for geometric prints, floral, motifs or block shades.

When you are trying to decorate or reshuffle your living room, keep all the above tips in mind before matching your curtains. This will help you impart a well organized look in your home.


Author: saavraindia

Decorating your heavenly abode can reduce stress and create a cheerful environment for you & your loved ones. Now awaken the environment with never seen products that will refresh your mind and soul. With amazing designs and vibrant shades you can give your abode an appearance of a fancy hotel.

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